Slicks & Stones - Saturday 23rd of January 2021

The Arapuke Classic is being run in conjunction with the Gravel & Tar cycling event, on Saturday 23rd of January 2021.

The Slicks and Stones 100 event is for the hard-core sport and weekend rider who wants to experience the same arduous route as the professional riders. By no means is the ride less strenuous, it's just a little shorter than the 130km Classic.

To encourage all of our out of town visitors and locals to ride both events the Arapuke Classic entry fee for those also entering the Slicks and Stones is being kept at a minimal $20.

Slicks and Stones is an event that provides the opportunity for junior, masters, and "weekend warrior" riders, both male and female, to experience the undulating roads and gravel sectors the beautiful Manawatu countryside has to offer.

Make a commitment, start training and reach your goal of riding the Slicks and Stones 100.

Check out the race map for distance and elevations at:

For more information, visit the Sticks and Stones website: