2020 Courses now released.

There are 3 courses to choose, ranging from 13 to 41 km, to suit all riders. We have had 3 different trail builders working in the park over the past year so there are several changes from last year's courses to ensure we incorporate the best of the new trails. The start and finish of each course will be at the bottom of Arapuke Forest Park at the end of Kahuterawa Road, but from there all bets are off, other than there will still be 3 great courses.

2019 Steve’s Wholefoods 13 km Course (Yellow)

The Steve’s Wholefoods 13 km course includes some of our best grade 3 trails including Pupu Rahi and Jack and The Beanstalk to get you to the top of the park, followed by the recently rebuilt cross country trail Siberian Express and finally the exhilarating dash down Karearea to take you all the way back to the finish.

2019 Kia 26 km Course and Jeep E-Bike Race (Yellow and Blue Laps)

The Kia 26 km course takes in the 13 km yellow course and then heads up Backtrack back to the top of the park to get a few more great grade 3 descents on the way back down again. The course includes Twister, which has been completely rebuilt and extended by Empire of Dirt.

2019 Brent Boddy Prestige 41 km Course (Red, Blue and Yellow Laps)

The Brent Boddy Prestige 41 km course starts on the Red course, incorporating the Grade 4 trails and some Grade 2 and 3 trails while you've still got some energy in the legs, and can enjoy the great descents. It will then follow with the Blue lap, finishing on the Yellow lap for a truly challenging event. Don't be misled by the distance, the use of over 80% single track and plenty of climbing ensures that the Brent Boddy Prestige 41 km course will challenge even the fittest riders.

The course includes all of our best climbs and downhill trails, including our most recent grade 4 build project New Old Skool. While there are some uphill road sections the course is over 80% single track. Some grade 4 trails are included in the course, but those not so keen to take on the epic Grade 4 Chewbacca can descend the slower Karearea on the first lap.